'Soul Eater' is an anime in which weapons take on humanoid forms and fight alongside their partners. With that said, you'd imagine that a bunch of these characters would have cool designs, right? Well, no weapon could be more interesting than the legendary sword, Excalibur, who is today's Cosplay of the Day.

Excalibur is a mighty sword of legend who bestows great power to those who enter a contract with him. The only problem is that he's the most annoying, self-absorbed and imbecilic weapon around who thinks that he should be worshiped. He even has 1,000 provisions listed in his contract that force his partner to perform a bunch of crazy tasks to appease him, like listening to him tell stories on end. Is the power worth it? Probably not.

Here is Becatron in her Excalibur getup. When he's not a sword, Excalibur is a tiny little sprite that looks like a cross between a penguin, a character from 'Spy vs. Spy' and some sort of fancy ghost. She's got the body type for the outfit and even has the proportions of the head so that it looks just like the character. The sword might already be legendary, but this cosplay is well on its way.

Check out more of Becatron's cosplay, original costumes and crochet work on her deviantART profile. Would you sign a contract to partner up with the holy sword, Excalibur? Let us know.


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