When the Stay Puft marshmallow baby attacks, who you gonna call? No, really -- we'd like to know who to call... to talk about how adorable this 'Ghostbusters' cosplay is!

Puppeteer and voice actor Dan Milano tweeted this amazing picture of his baby daughter dressed up as the Stay Puft marshmallow man from 'Ghostbusters,' complete with a plastic toy set-up of the 'Ghostbusters' headquarters and action figures of the characters themselves -- including Dana/Zuul and Louis! And look, there's Slimer hanging out in the window of the building.

But we're more impressed by this tiny and adorable tot dressed as a fluffy marshmallow monster. We're pretty sure zapping her isn't an option. This cute evil can only be vanquished with hugs and juice boxes. We also love how she's looking down at the Ghostbusters like she's indifferent to their proton packs.

And now all you parents out there have an awesome idea for what to do with that silly toddler sailor suit someone in your family gifted you at a baby shower.

Dan Milano

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