Today's Cosplay of the Day features a bit of a funny outfit, mainly because the character being cosplayed is pretty funny. Let's give a warm welcome to Vectord, Gru's nemesis from 'Despicable Me.'

Vector is a villain who's got funding, an abundance of confidence and lots of gadgets to get the jump done. Despite his goofy appearance and boastful ways, he's actually very capable and even managed to steal the Pyramids of Giza. Despite his intelligence and tenacity, he was eventually outsmarted by Gru and was even duped by robotic cookies.

Here is Shari81, a cosplayer from Germany, with her take on a Vector costume. She may not come with a Squid Launcher, but we think it's awesome that she's included Vector's little man paunch and nose. We've definitely got to find some track suits like the one she's wearing, because this outfit looks so goofy, yet also so good that we can just imagine her traipsing around Comic-Cons yelling, "OH YEAH!"

Take a look at some more of Shari's work on her deviantART page. You'll find a ton of outfits dating back from 2005, as well as a handful of great modeling shots.


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