What if two of your favorite Pixar characters were people instead of robots? The answer: they'd be just as adorable.

German cosplayers Jul and Kou put together this very inventive couples cosplay of Wall-E and Eve from the Pixar's instant classic 'Wall-E.' In the film, poor Wall-E is a little garbage-compacting robot and the last living(?) thing on a wasted Earth, when Eve, a much fancier robot, is dispatched by a human to search for any signs that Earth may be habitable again.  The two prove that you don't have to be human to fall in love, and that the definition of life goes beyond that which is organic.

It's seriously the cutest story featuring the cutest characters, and we're so thrilled to see these two cosplayers put their own human spin on the pair. Kou is dressed as Wall-E, with a more industrial vibe, while Jul is dressed as Eve, all slick and shiny with beautiful white hair. And to top things off, the two even have the infamous boot holding the tiny plant that serves as a beacon to bring the citizens of Earth back home.

Check out these pics of Jul and Kou, or head over to their DeviantArt pages for more of their cosplay creations.

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