Cosplaying as a 'Watchmen' character never goes out of style, but this cosplayer deserves a little extra attention for her hard work on this Silk Spectre II costume.

Annisse is a cosplayer who works full time and has difficulty in finding extra hours to work on her cosplay, so it took her about two months to put this Silk Spectre II look together -- and man, the hard work paid off. Annisse had never made a costume out of latex before, and this definitely wasn't a beginner's design, but through determination and dedication, this 'Watchmen' fan pulled it together.

She's done a few photo shoots in character, and the results are absolutely lovely. Annisse has a similar facial structure to Malin Akerman, who portrayed the character in the 2009 film, and her costume seems to be more inspired by the movie than the original graphic novel.

Check out some of these great photos of Annisse as Silk Spectre II below, or head over to her Facebook page for a look at her other wonderful designs.

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