One of our favorite cinematic pairings last year was the coupling of the sweet little do-gooder Fix-It Felix and the rough-and-tumble Calhoun in Disney's 'Wreck-It Ralph,' which we can relive through these adorable cosplayers.

In Disney's animated adventure 'Wreck-It Ralph,' Fix-It Felix is the ultimate good guy -- he can fix everything with just a touch of his golden hammer, and everyone loves him. Enter Calhoun, a tough lady who leads a troop of soldiers in a game that's kind of like 'Halo.' She's easily 4-feet taller than Felix and she's not putting up with any nonsense. Calhoun and Felix make such an adorable romantic pairing when (SPOILER!) Calhoun eventually lets her guard down and reveals a much softer side. One's short and sweet, one's tall and tough, and when you put them together you get something extra cute.

Cosplayers Sam and Peter Pan make for a really delightful couple with their costumes in these photos taken by Weatherstone -- we just wish they had more photos! We love the playful attitude going on in the pics below, and Sam's Calhoun costume is super rad.

Check out these pics of Sam and Peter Pan as Calhoun and Fix-It Felix, respectively, below, and head over to Weatherstone's DeviantArt page for more awesome cosplayer pics.

Weatherstone, DeviantArt
Weatherstone, DeviantArt

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