The world of 'Tron' lends itself perfectly to cosplay. Well, in theory. The colorful costumes seen in the Grid are totally unique from anything else in pop culture and very cool to look at, but how do you go about making one actually look good? If you think that sounds like a ton of work, you'd be right. Thankfully, there are cosplayers like Annisse out there, showing everyone else how to do it right.

Based on Oliva Wilde's Quorra from 'Tron: Legacy,' this costume looks about as close to the source as cosplay can get. Although the actual outfit requires tracking down (and pulling together) the right articles of clothing, the difficulty came in pulling off the glowing sections of the suit. Over the course of six months and on a budget of roughly $1,000, Annisse experimented with various options, trying to figure out the best solution. After all, where do hide a power source and wiring a suit this tight?

In this message board thread, Annisse thanks other 'Tron' cosplayers for helping her find easy solutions to her problems. Their biggest contribution? Recommending the best kinds of Light Tape to get everything glowing properly!

Check out a full gallery of the Annisse wearing her Quorra costume right here. You can find more of her cosplay at her profile and can check out her non-cosplay work at her personal site.

Justice Sommer
Ejen, Cosplay in America
Ejen, Cosplay in America