Be ready, you might need a little bit of wine to wash this one down.  While 'Cougar Town' fans were overjoyed to learn that the cul de sac crew would return for a forth season (albeit on new network TBS), it seems one key member won't be taking the trip along with them.  But what does it mean for the future of the show, and who might depart along with them?

Vulture reports that 'Cougar Town' creator and showrunner Bill Lawrence will step down from his running duties when the show moves to TBS for a fourth season, along with partner Kevin Biegel.  In truth, Lawrence's deal had always called for him to step down after a third season to focus on other projects, though the move seemed especially troubling to fans worried about changes on a new network.

Series star Courtney Cox was the first to make the change clear to the public, telling Vulture “[Season 4] is a fresh start. It will feel like the same show, but we’re going to have a new [showunner], there will be new people, new changes.”  No worries however, as Lawrence will continue to serve as an executive consultant in addition to his other WBTV duties, and maintain an active role on the series, particularly the initial transition.

'Cougar Town's fourth season will likely air sometime in 2013 on TBS.  What say you, though?  Could Lawrence stepping down spell doom for the cul de sac crew?  Might the show's merry flow of wine run dry, or was it in need of a little shake-up?  Tell us your hopes for the new season in the comments!

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