'Black Snake Moan' director Craig Brewer has signed on to direct 'The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills' based on the fascinating article of the same name published in Rolling Stone.

Deadline reports that Craig Brewer has signed on to helm 'The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills' for Paramount. The film is based on the Rolling Stone article of the same name, which told the story of Lisette Lee, who presented herself to friends and admirers as the heiress to the Samsung fortune. Lee styled herself as the gangster chic version of Paris Hilton, telling people she was a pop star in her home country of Korea, an actress, and a model.

Lee got caught up in a drug mule scheme, using a private jet to traffic hundreds of pounds of marijuana to California from Ohio. The wannabe heiress was eventually apprehended and sent to prison, where she scoffed at her profile in Rolling Stone and maintains that the writer, Sabrina Rubin Ederly, crafted an unfair portrayal of her.

Brewer's previous efforts include 'Hustle & Flow,' 'Black Snake Moan,' and the recent remake of 'Footloose,' but it's the two former films that make him a great match for this story. Brewer knows how to blend glossy and gritty in a way that should serve 'The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills' very well.

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