Over many years of Upfronts and hundreds of series, it can be hard to keep track of network juggernauts like CSI quietly carrying on. Now, the original Crime Scene Investigation may come to a close this fall with a two-hour movie, while the franchise may yet live on in spinoffs.

CBS had been late to deliver a verdict on one of its flagship series, despite a flurry of pickups, renewals and cancellations issued over the course of Friday. The writing had seemingly been on the wall for the original CSI for a season now, though in lieu of actual confirmation from CBS, Vulture’s Joe Adalian relayed his own inside knowledge of the situation.

It seems that while CSI will indeed say goodbye after its 15th season, CBS will send the procedural off in style with its own TV movie this fall:

Moreover, its tepidly-received Cyber spinoff is likely to endure for a second season:

Assuming all goes as foretold, CSI will close out its run as the second longest-running scripted live-action primetime series in the country, behind Law & Order: SVU. CSI: Cyber, meanwhile, will go on to be a series that has James Van Der Beek as “action-junkie” FBI agent Elijah Mundo.

Oh the times, they are a-changin’.

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