We haven’t heard much about country thriller ‘Cut Bank,’ which was snatched up by A24 prior to its premiere at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, but there’s now a trailer for the new film, starring Liam Hemsworth (the non-‘Thor’ Hemsworth) and Billy Bob Thornton. The trailer touts a comparison to the Coen Brothers’ classic ‘Blood Simple’ (obviously), which is a set of pretty big shoes to fill, but with Thornton and a pretty solid cast on board, it looks solid at the very least.

In ‘Cut Bank,’ Hemsworth plays a small town guy named Dwayne McLaren, who accidentally captures a murder on his camcorder, and discovers that he’s in for a pretty hefty reward for helping the cops solve the crime—only, there’s a few problems, mostly in the form of a missing dead body. Bolstered by a cast including Thornton, John Malkovich, Theresa Palmer, Oliver Platt, and Michael Stuhlbarg, ‘Cut Bank’ appears to be an unnerving small town thriller that very clearly takes a cue from the Coens.

Thornton most recently appeared on the first season of ‘Fargo,’ inspired by the Coens’ original film, where he delivered some of his most stunning acting work to date. The issue with Thornton is that he rarely finds a film that matches his specific talents, but with both ‘Fargo’ and ‘Cut Bank,’ it appears that small town crime is his niche—though he does seem a bit subdued here.

‘Cut Bank’ will hit DirecTV first on February 26 before hitting theaters on April 3.