Everyone's favorite little green candy-eating machine is back in Cut the Rope 2: Om Nom's Unexpected Adventure.

Due out exclusively on iOS on Dec. 19 for $0.99, Cut the Rope 2 will introduce 120 new levels to the mix. More importantly though, players will finally be able to interact with Om Nom, and move him around the screen when they want. New characters called Nommies will be introduced, and they'll be able to aid Om Nom with new abilities when trying to get all those last bits of candy in locations like the forest, junkyard, city park, sandy dam and underground.

“When we first created Om Nom and Cut the Rope three years ago, our goal was to make a game with which people would feel a strong emotional connection,” said Semyon Voinov, Creative Director and Co-Founder of ZeptoLab. “With Cut the Rope 2, we’ve focused on creating a game experience which would feel almost like an interactive cartoon - with the lively and diverse animations, rich sounds, and unexpected gameplay situations."

Additionally, ZeptoLab announced a new season of 'Om Nom's Adventures' would begin this month, and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift would be made available on Android for the first time absolutely free. Bamboo Chutes will also be added to Cut the Rope Experiments this month, giving players plenty of new content across pretty much every game in the Cut the Rope franchise.

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