TinyCo will be teaming with 'Family Guy' studio Fuzzy Door to create a new mobile game based on the popular cartoon.

While details on just what kind of game Family Guy will be turned into on mobile devices, devs from TinyCo and execs from Fox spoke with Games Beat about the partnership.

“We want to have an experience that is authentic to the brand,” Matt McMahon, the vice president of mobile at Fox Digital Entertainment said. “TinyCo approached us. They competed with 12 or 15 others and made it through the process. We like to keep our finger on big indies that are on the rise in mobile games.”

After the success of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, it made sense for Fox to look to other major properties to develop fully into games. Due in 2014, the untitled Family Guy game will be free-to-play, and will be more character driven than previous TinyCo efforts.

“The reason why people love 'Family Guy' is because it’s funny,” said Chelsea Howe, the senior game designer at TinyCo. “All of the mechanics works to serve that idea. Our design goal has been a ‘laugh every session.’ That was an inspirational goal for the design team, and as we play-test it, it is becoming the reality.”

TinyCo is aiming to have two months of content ready at launch, with updates planned to continue expanding the story. Side quests will reportedly play out like episodes of the show, with the overall experience taking you through all of Quahog.

“If Miley Cyrus does something crazy this week, we can make fun of that in the game a day later,” McMahon said. “We’ll do content updates every four to five weeks. We’ll do more than seasonal content packs for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We’re excited about the ongoing operations for the game.”

When the Family Guy game finally arrives, it'll be out simultaneously on iOS and Android. We should know more about what to expect early next year.

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