As we inch closer and closer to Jon Stewart’s abdication of The Daily Show, Stewart has become increasingly esoteric and playful with the format. That approach only grew with two new segments this week, the first allowing Jon to take audience questions of his tenure, and the second purely grunting reactions to Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s recent Holocaust comments.

The first video sees Stewart taking a barrage of audience questions prior to taping, filmed over a period of days, in which the Daily Show host offered some advice to his younger self, and thanked George W. Bush for doing him a solid with providing plenty of material over the years.

The second clip has the normally-eloquent Daily Show host grunting through an entire segment to address Mike Huckabee’s recent comments relating Obama’s Iran deal to the holocaust. Stewart later followed up that he’d always wanted to attempt such a non-verbose segment, and with only seven shows left, finally took the opportunity to try.

You can check out both Daily Show clips above, and keep building up your nostalgia for Stewart’s exit on August 6.