Our first look at Trevor Noah sitting in the Daily Show chair managed to go by without the South African comic actually saying a single word, but with everyone gearing up for a new era in late night, we’re finally getting a peek. Comedy Central’s three newest promos for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah bring back the correspondents, and even a puppy!

Comedy Central released three new promos for Trevor Noah’s September 28 Daily Show premiere, the lion’s share of which bring in current correspondents Jessica Williams, Jordan Klepper and Hasan Minhaj. Even Jon Hodgman and his glorious mustache put in an appearance, while Noah does his best to assure everything will stay the same.

Here’s what Noah told GQ of the series in July:

I have a very vague picture of the show right now. It’ll be like a face-lift. Because, don’t get it twisted, I’m a big fan of ‘The Daily Show,’ and that’s what it’s still gonna be. It’s still gonna be ‘The Daily Show.’ It’s the same way, when Fallon took over from Leno, it’s still ‘The Tonight Show.’

It stands to reason that the September 28 premiere will stretch out announcement of Noah’s first week details, but in the meantime, get a fresh look at The Daily Show With Trevor Noah above and below.

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