Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto star in 'Dallas Buyers Club,' a film from director Jean-Marc Vallée that's sure to earn both of these stars some Oscar attention. Focus Features recently debuted the latest poster for the film along with two clips, so you can preview their performances before release time on November 1.

Redeeming himself with 'Mud' after years of 'Sahara'-type movies, McConaughey now stars as Ron Woodruff, a heterosexual, homophobic Texan who contracts HIV, and eventually full-blown AIDS in the 1980s. Unsatisfied with the harmful side effects of the only FDA-approved HIV medication at the time, AZT, he joins forces with transexual Rayon (Leto) to form the Dallas Buyers Club to sell unapproved but seemingly more effective medication to the HIV- and AIDS-afflicted community.

In the first 'Dallas Buyers Club' clips, both McConaughey and Leto look sickly thin, as they lost an exceptional amount of weight in preparation for their roles, though the visual effect is quite powerful. Focus Features and the film's crew are quick to denounce this as simply a biopic or a documentary, which it's not, but rather a character-driven closeup of a man's struggle to persevere through a perilous situation.

Preview 'The Dallas Buyers Club' in the two clips, which also features Jennifer Garner, and check out the full poster below.

Dallas Buyers Club Poster
Focus Features

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