Oh, how I wish that headline were a joke.  But for TNT viewers this summer, the revival of '80s era soap opera 'Dallas' is all too real, and we've got the soap to prove it.  The latest campaign to promote the show's revival hearkens back to one very famous storyline from the show's past, and no, you're not dreaming.

Photoshopped abs and shower-side cowboy hats, oh my!  The latest look at TNT's revival of 'Dallas' has the whole cast steaming things up inside an apparently group shower, marked by the headline that "No, You're Not Dreaming."  The setting, along with the tagline call back to one of 'Dallas' most memorable and absurd legacies, in which the entire eighth season, including Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy)'s death was revealed to have been a dream of Pam's in the season nine premiere.

But we're a long way from imagining TNT's reboot (or continuation?) of the series, which features original series stars Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray returning to the roles of J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen, respectively.  Joining the cast for this new iteration is Jesse Metcalfe ('Desperate Housewives') as Bobby and Pam’s son Christopher, Josh Henderson as J.R.’s son John Ross, and Jordana Brewster ('The Fast and the Furious') as Elena Ramos, a ranch cook’s daughter who will be caught in a triangle with the boys. Julie Gonzalo ('Veronica Mars') plays Christopher’s fiancée Rebecca, while Brenda Strong takes the role of Bobby Ewing’s new wife Ann.

So take a look at the poster below, and try not to be grossed out by the implications of it, and let us know in the comments beneath if you're going to check out the return of 'Dallas' this summer June 13 on TNT!