We know what you're thinking: "Wait, 'Damages' is still on the air?"  We know!  We were surprised too.  But our surprise wasn't half as palpable as actually watching the teaser for the underdog law series' fifth and final outing, where it seems like at least one series lead is going down...quite literally.

Debuting on July 11, DirecTV has released the first official teaser for Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons' final outing, which will see an exploration of government and corporate transparency as a case dealing with investment banks and insider information finally pits the mentor and protegee against one another.

Season 5 of 'Damage's also boasts an impressive array of guest stars, including Ryan Phillippe, Jenna Elfman, Janet McTeer, John Hannah, Chris Messina, Judd Hirsch, M. Emmet Walsh, Victor Garber, William Sadler, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Gillian Alexy, and Zachary Booth returning as Patty's son Michael.  Philippe and Elfman take the most prominent roles, as iconoclastic founder of a corporate transparency website, and the investment bank employee who approaches him with her suspicions, respectively.

'Damages' fans know that the narrative tends to jump around in time a bit, and while we're seeing it out of context, the below teaser certainly doesn't look good for one Ellen Parsons!  Give us your own theories in the comments, and tell us what you want to see from the final season of 'Damages' after the video!

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