Last Week Tonight host John Oliver rails often enough against the HBO series being mistaken for journalism; it was only a matter of time the series itself would put the Spotlight on actual press. And so, to cap off a piece highlighting the plight of print journalists, Oliver recruited Vinyl star Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne and more for their very own Spotlight parody, Stoplight.

The nearly-unrecognizable Cannavale leads the Best Picture-winner parody, as a frustrated journalist at a paper slowly being overtaken by cat memes, Twitter posts, and – you guessed it – whatever Tronc is. The parody follows an involved expose on the state of print journalism, often the source for many of Last Week Tonight’s in-depth reports, and TV news in general.

In addition to Cannavale’s post-Vinyl return, the Spotlight parody also features the likes of Rose Byrne, SNL alum Jason Sudekis, Luke Cage baddie Mahersala Ali, The Americans star Dylan Baker and more.

Watch for yourself at the link above (the parody itself is about 15:24 in), and stay tuned for more Last Week Tonight.

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