Nobody knows exactly what Dan Harmon’s role in writing some additional last-minute scenes for Doctor Strange is exactly, and he hasn’t revealed anything aside from the fact that he will be on the writing team. But some Marvel fans have a lot of time on their hands, and CinemaBlend reports that a Reddit thread might hold the key to Doctor Strange’s mysteries.

Before we get into it, a teeny tiny warning that there might be Doctor Strange SPOILERS below, and, alternately, keep in mind that this could all be the product of wild, unfounded conjecture.

At Comic-Con, Harmon gave his fans a sneak peek at his Community film script in the Final Draft program on his computer. Off to the side were a few other files titled things like “Kaecilius_01_Seduction,” “Mirror Realm Explanation_revised_01,” “Relic Room_Floppy Whip Scene,” and something about a “Magical Mystery.”

Not a whole lot of new info here, since we know that Kaecilius is the name of Mads Mikkelsen’s villain, but there was one file called “Strange confronts Dormammu” that made some fans’ ears perk up. Dormammu is the name of Strange’s chief antagonist in the comics, an ancient demonic being with a giant body and a head that’s always on fire. Could this be the chief antagonist in the movie, with Kaecilius acting as a red herring in all the trailers? There’s not a huge chance of that happening, since Mikkelsen is a pretty big name in the biz these days, and it’s doubtful he would have signed on to play a villain who gets overshadowed by something else. This could be an idea for a post-credits scene a la The Avengers, introducing Dormammu as the next big bad like they introduced Thanos? Or, it’s also possible that this is all nonsense and has nothing to do with the movie at all, and is just a trick to throw fans off the scent of the nefarious deeds Harmon really wrote.

Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4.