Are modern movies just a little too normal for you? Do the latest Hollywood releases make too much sense? Are you tired of movies that aren't downright insane in design and execution? If you just mumbled "yes" at your computer screen three times, then 'Miami Connection' is for you!

A long lost masterpiece of great bad filmmaking, 'Miami Connection' has been discovered and resurrected by Drafthouse Films, who are planning to return this jaw-dropping gem to the big screen this November. It's the kind of movie that makes you question if everything you see on the screen is actually happening or if you're actually lying in a hospital bed somewhere and letting an exotic medication cocktail make the whole thing up. If you're the kind of person who laughed heartily through 'The Room,' 'Troll 2' or 'Birdemic,' then 'Miami Connection' is your new favorite movie. Heck, it's soon going to be everyone's favorite movie.

The movie (which played to thoroughly unprepared audiences at Fantastic Fest last night) follows Dragon Sound, an Orland0-based rock band who sing songs about how friendship is great, drugs are bad and ninjas are evil. When the members of Dragon Sound find themselves being pushed around by a local gang of tough guys, they find themselves forced to fight back. Thankfully, each of them is a master black belt. However, things soon escalate and Dragon Sound must face down an army of cocaine-dealing biker ninjas who are hellbent on revenge.

In other words, it's a perfect slice of '80s cheese made by small-time martial artists who make up for their lack of acting or filmmaking skill with an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm. Check out the trailer (which, for those watching at work, does contain a few silly moments of extremely fake violence):

'Miami Connection' returns to theaters in limited release on this November before hitting DVD shortly afterward. At first, you won't believe it exists, but soon enough, you'll be in love.