What, yesterday's four new 'Dark Knight Rises' banners weren't enough for you? And the photos and posters and TV spots and more photos and more posters before that still weren't enough?  Well, OK Batman fans, how about two more 'Dark Knight Rises' banners for you?

Yeah, that's right - after what seemed like a quiet period while 'The Avengers' took over the world, 'Dark Knight Rises' fever is in full effect and somehow there are two more action-packed banners for you.

Banner #1 is setting up the climactic Bane vs. Batman rematch (I'm assuming this is the rematch after their first fight that leaves Batman in, uh, not-so-good shape). We've seen that punch-for-punch struggle shot before but it looks awfully cinematic framed against the backdrop of Bane's army facing off against the Gotham police department. And check out the veins popping out in Bane's skull. Dude's intense.

Banner #2 takes the tagline "The Fire Rises" literally as Batman's cape is on fire. Stop, drop and roll, Bruce!

We have some theories on what the "fire" is but we don't want to get into too much in the way of spoilers here so we'll save that until closer to opening day. For now, check out the two new 'Dark Knight Rises' banners below (which you can click to enlarge).