As if the first TV Spot wasn't enough, Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' premiered a second TV spot tonight. And both are great! If you weren't excited for this film before, maybe this spot will get you revved up for the return and the end of Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Here we get more Catwoman than the last spot, and - like the previous TV spot - they're playing up some of the fun elements of the film. Perhaps the film will be a bit doomy and gloomy when we finally see it on July 20, but maybe the tone of 'The Avengers' has infected the Bat - or at least his advertising.

This is also the first time the film seems to delving into 'Batman Returns' territory, as the conversation between Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman plays on a similar costume moment.

But that shot of the Batwing going up the building gives us a tingle. After 'The Dark Knight' (and to a certain extent 'Inception') Nolan was given carte blanche with this film, and it looks like he cashed that check and then some. This may be getting to be overkill, and we may start getting new clips and photos at the pace we saw from 'The Avengers,' but they are starting to deliver big wows.