We hope you're ready for more 'Dark Knight Rises' footage because the cast of the film appeared on stage at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards to present a brand new clip.

As we approach the July release of Chris Nolan's final film in the Batman trilogy, 'The Dark Knight Rises,' we're finally getting more peeks at this exciting movie. The cast of the film, including Christian Bale (Batman himself) showed up to the MTV Movie Awards tonight to present a new clip.

While on stage, footage from 'The Dark Knight' was shown, featuring the late Heath Ledger (gone too soon!) as the Joker. Bale visibly choked up in one of the only emotional moments of the evening. MTV and genuine emotion? What is going on here?

Nolan received an appropriate standing ovation from the crowd, thus proving that maybe these MTV people do have taste, after all. It was a fantastic sequence of events for what's guaranteed to be a thrilling conclusion to Nolan's incredible Batman saga.

Check out the new clip below: