'The Dark Knight Rises' may be gone from theaters but that doesn't mean that we're not getting new posters. Or at least getting old posters. As the film prepares to hit Blu-ray and DVD next month and a potential Oscar push, we get a rare look today at three 'Dark Knight Rises' posters that were never actually used in the film's marketing campaign.

Revealed online by graphic design firm Trailer Park (via Coming Soon), these three posters were created for the theatrical marketing campaign but were unused. It's unclear if these were rejected by Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan, both or just scraps.

The first two posters are pretty standard 'Dark Knight Rises' style posters. We've seen those poses before and seen a ton of posters with the "Rises" tagline on it. But this third poster...

Now that's something we could've gotten behind. With nothing but a stark black background and chalk drawings of Bane's mask, it's a picture of restraint that we didn't really get with the other 'Dark Knight Rises' posters (remember this?). It may have been too obscure or just too similar to 'Attack the Block' but we never got to see this poster, which is too bad.

Take a look at these unused 'Dark Knight Rises' poster below and let us know what you think.