Movie posters - especially ones for big, summer blockbusters - tend to catch a lot of grief from the online community for being overly Photoshopped. Such was the case yesterday when the new 'Dark Knight Rises' poster showed up online. It seemed to be just a quick Photoshop version of the film's original teaser poster. And now someone has given us an idea of just how easy it would be to create this new poster.

With a copy of the old teaser poster, a promotional still from the film, a copy of Photoshop and some rudimentary editing knowledge, a user was able to recreate the new 'Dark Knight Rises' poster in just a few minutes. It's actually impressive how easy it is to recreate this poster.

Now, of course, there are a lot of talented poster artists working in Hollywood that continue to churn out some legitimate works of art. Unfortunately, they often have their hands tied when creating marketing campaigns for summer blockbusters and what gets released is not exactly inspired work.

And this is how your summer movie sausage is made:

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