Any news that involves David Fincher making another movie is good news to us, but this news is even more exciting -- Fincher is planning to adapt Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel 'Gone Girl.'

Variety reports that David Fincher has lined up his next project -- a big screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn's 'Gone Girl,' a New York Times best-selling novel. The story follows Amy and Nick Dunne, two out-of-work writers who move to Missouri, where Nick opens a bar using the rest of his wife's trust fund money. But Amy eventually ends up dead, and the novel uses unreliable narration and suspenseful twists and turns to get to the heart of the mystery of who killed Amy. It's a genre-heavy work that subverts formulas and expectation, and hey... doesn't that sound a little like David Fincher?

Fincher works well in the thriller genre, with films under his belt like 'Zodiac,' 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,' and the oft-overlooked 'Panic Room.'

The project is set up at Fox, where Reese Witherspoon is producing and Flynn herself has written the first draft of the screenplay. Flynn has two of her other novels in development as well -- 'Dark Places,' starring Amy Adams, and her first novel, 'Sharp Objects.' She currently has three novels on the New York Times bestseller list at once.