While we anxiously await David Fincher's follow-up to 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,' the director is re-teaming with that film's visual effects lead to produce the trailer for the long-awaited 'Halo 4' from Microsoft.

The only upcoming directorial credit on David Fincher's resume right now is his upcoming Netflix series 'House of Cards,' but that's not a new movie. Neither is the trailer for 'Halo 4,' which Fincher is producing with his visual effects lead from 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,' Tim Miller. THR reports that the pair will launch their trailer, titled "Scanned" on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on October 18.

Miller directed the two-minute trailer, which blends live-action and CGI and was filmed in Prague. The trailer explores the background of fearless hero Master Chief and introduces fans to the new enemy he will face in 'Halo 4,' a game that has been in the works for four very long years.

Fincher spoke highly of his colleague, saying, "I enjoy collaborating with Tim Miller, who is at the visual and technical forefront of hybridized live-action/CGI – not only pushing the boundary but defining it."

Miller explains what he and Fincher hoped to accomplish with the trailer: "Our goal is to deliver a blockbuster, Hollywood-quality trailer that raises the bar for the award-winning legacy of live-action Halo storytelling and gets fans stoked for the return of Master Chief."