David Fincher may have made the definitive film about social media (okay fine, second most definitive after Unfriended) but he isn’t one for mixing it up on social media himself. The director of The Social Network has no presence on any social network, at least that we know of. One of his colleagues tried to change that.

It didn’t work.

Behold this amazing email exchange between Fincher and director Mark Romanek. Romanek relays a request from a fan: Tell David Fincher to get off his keister and get on Twitter! You will see David Fincher’s response to Romanek below. (He sent it from his iPad!)

I tried. #davidfincher

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If you’ll permit me, I’m going to talk directly to David Fincher for a second. (I’m sure he’s reading.) David. Can I call you David? David, I know you probably get a lot of request from fans to join social media. A man of your intellect could probably make great use of this technology. I am here to tell you though: You 100 percent made the right decision. Stay away from Twitter and Facebook and Snap and Peach and Vero and whatever the next thing is. As Travis Bickle might say, they are a hell. You don’t need that in your life.

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