Just when you thought that video game collectors editions couldn't get any more insane and ostentatious, Deep Silver has to go and show everyone up with the Saints Row IV Million Dollar Pack.

Oh, so the Songbird Edition Bioshock Infinite comes with a little replica of the Songbird and a keychain? How cute. Of course the creators of Saints Row IV had to go as over-the-top as their upcoming game and blow every other developer's collectors edition out of the water using a Dub-step Gun.

So what does the Saints Row IV Million Dollar Pack get you for the cool $1 Mil you'll drop on it. Well, you essentially get to become overlord of the earth for a week. Let's have a look inside the proverbial golden box shall we?

-Saints Row IV: Commander-In-Chief Edition
-A trip to space on Virgin Galactic
-1 Year Membership to the E25 Super Car Club
-A Lamborghini Gallardo
-Plastic Surgery
-Toyota Prius
-7 Nights in the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
-7 Nights in the Top Royal Suite in the Burj-al-arab in Dubai (flights included)
-Hostage Rescue Experience

Not a bad haul. The Toyota Prius might be a bit out of its depth, but the rest seems fitting of a million dollar collectors edition. You'll also get your pre-order delivered in the style fitting of a president, whatever that means. If you've got the cash, you can live like your character in Saints Row, with the exception of shooting people out of a cannon. Yeah, you can't do that.