A full-length 'Delivery Man' trailer has debuted, and only time will tell if it's better than the Google advertisement that was Vince Vaughn's last movie, 'The Internship.' But if we're going by first impressions, the new flick looks like it'll be the far superior effort.

DreamWorks partnered with 533 parenting blogs to debut this new look at the film, and it's a terrific, if slightly silly setup: Vaughn plays a middle-aged slacker who's stuck in a dead-end job and whose relationship is on the rocks. The last thing he needs is the news that he's the father of 533 children, thanks to a visit to his local sperm bank 20 years earlier -- and that 142 of them are suing to discover his identity.

Although the 'Delivery Man' trailer definitely showcases its fair share of Vince Vaughn being Vince Vaughn, the film itself looks like a more subdued turn for the actor, making use of his frequently underutilized dramatic skills. Vaughn can often be a funny man, but he's always been at his best when he's forced to play a little grounded. Though, the trailer also features the wonderful Chris Pratt, making us immediately wonder what the film would have been like if he was given the lead.

Interestingly, 'Delivery Man' is a remake of writer/director Ken Scott's previous effort, the 2011 Canadian film 'Starbuck,' which won its fair share of fans on the festival circuit and was a major contender at the Genies (the Canadian Oscars). It'll be fascinating to see how Scott approaches the same story from a Hollywood perspective.

'Delivery Man' hits theaters on November 22, 2013.

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