He’s known all over the world as Denzel. But did you know Denzel Washington’s legal name is Denzel Washington Jr.? And his father, Denzel Washington Sr., pronounces his name differently than his son? (He goes by “DEN-zel,” not “den-ZELLE.”) That’s because Denzel Jr. is named after his father, but his father is actually named after the doctor who delivered him, a man named Dr. Denzel. That’s just one of the facts featured in the new episode of You Think You Know Movies!

Have you caught a glimpse Denzel Washington’s pinky onscreen and thought it looked a little crooked? Your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. Washington dislocated the finger as a kid, and it never healed properly. Eventually, the injury became permanent. Watch very closely in his movies, and you might see him subconsciously checking his finger, to see if it’s popped out of place.

‘You Think You Know Movies?’ is a ScreenCrush original series that dives deep into the cinematic worlds of your favorite movies and freeze frames a few tidbits you might not have known. We’ve already tackled Star Wars, The Avengers and Spider-Man, but now it’s time to bask in the glory (and the Glory) of Denzel Washington. Watch more installments of ‘You Think You Know Movies?’ below and let us know in the comments what movies we should cover next.