Let's be honest: if you're here, you probably know a lot about the 'Star Wars' movies. But, how much do you really know? Did you know that they're making a new one? You did? Boy, you are good. Well, now you can test your 'Star Wars' knowledge with the first entry in our new video series "You Think You Know Movies?"

We really hate those lists that are like "10 Facts You Had No Idea Existed Until Now" because mostly when we read them, we pretty much knew all of them before. We're not gonna pretend that you've never heard of all the facts in this video, because 'Star Wars' fans are a dedicated bunch (this is the part where we put "dedicated" in finger quotes) and there may be no 'Star Wars' fact that exists that no one knows.

But, there's still plenty of fascinating 'Star Wars' trivia included above that we hope isn't as obvious as "duh did you know Darth Vader was really Luke's father?!"

Check it out above and let us know in the comments if there's any other 'Star Wars' factoid we should've added. And, feel free to nominate the next franchise we should cover in this new ongoing feature. To follow all our original videos, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Once you're done catching up on 'Star Wars' make sure to check out more episodes below.

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