Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express hasn’t left the station yet, as it still doesn’t have a full cast. Angelina Jolie was considering a role in the remake, but she dropped out over this summer, and while Charlize Theron had her eye on the movie, nothing has come of that as of yet. Hopefully production on the film will start chugging along soon, because Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer are both reportedly being considered.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Depp and Pfeiffer are apparently “names of interest,” although nothing has been put down on paper yet. The two most recently appeared together in 2012’s Dark Shadows and have never worked with Branagh before, although Depp certainly got the Hercule Poirot look down with Mortdecai. The most well-known filmic adaptation of Agatha Christie’s fantastic mystery is Sidney Lumet’s 1974 version, starring a veritable murderers’ row (heh) of big Hollywood names including Albert Finney, Sean Connery, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, and Vanessa Redgrave. There’s a slim chance of any modern adaptation coming even close to that level of brilliance, but if Kenneth Branagh can take Marvel’s Thor comics and turn them into a Shakespearean tragedy, he can pull this off.

Branagh seems to know what he’s about when it comes to Christie’s work. “She has a real sense of psychological insight and perception,” he told THR. “I think audiences are looking for and maybe ready to let that part of her work emerge a little more deeply — and differently from the sort of ‘period drama’ that some might associate with the work.” There’s a reason her novels are still selling out in bookstores to this day.

Murder on the Orient Express is scheduled for November 22, 2017.

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