The best Rob Zombie, and by quite a wide margin, is The Devil’s Rejects, his 2005 sequel (although it’s really more of a spinoff) to his 2003 directorial debut, House of 1000 Corpses. The film, done in the bleak and bloody style of a ’70s grindhouse exploitation film, follows a family of murderous killers, the Fireflys, as they blaze a path of mayhem across the country and are pursued by the police. The film ends (SPOILER alert) with all of its protagonists dying in a hail of bullets, Bonnie and Clyde-style.

It’s the perfect setup for a sequel!

That’s the word from Bloody Disgusting, who report that Zombie is working on a follow-up to The Devil’s Rejects, which he will direct:

While we don’t know any of the story details, we’re expecting it to be another spinoff or possibly a prequel, being that the Firefly family is presumed dead. It’s also unclear when he plans to shoot.

Again, it makes sense that Zombie would want to direct another Devil’s Rejects; it’s his best movie, with some of his best characters (particularly Sid Haig’s demented Captain Spaulding). But it doesn’t make sense at the same time, because the characters are all, y’know, dead. (A prequel is plausible, although the actors will be at least a dozen years older than they were in the first film by the time they shoot it.) Personally, as long as he calls this thing House of 1,001 Corpses, I’ll be happy.

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