In what is surely the oddest coupling of the day, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Bay are joining production forces to make a movie about the Rwandan bicycling team. No, you will not be seeing Leonardo DiCaprio appear in a Michael Bay film (sadly), but you can daydream about their friendship and imagine that out there, somewhere, DiCaprio and Bay are riding on a bicycle built for two.

According to THR, Bay and DiCaprio will co-produce the untitled project for Paramount, with Orlando von Einsiedel directing. DiCaprio previously served as executive producer on von Einsiedel’s Academy Award-nominated 2014 Netflix documentary Virunga, which followed the ongoing efforts to protect gorillas in the Congo.

The new film tells the story of cyclist Jacques “Jack” Boyer, the first American to race in the Tour de France. Boyer was a Seventh Day Adventist who subsisted on a strict diet of nuts and berries, making him a bit of an oddball. Boyer won over 40 races and retired at the age of 32, but then a business venture fell apart and he landed in jail after he had an affair with a teenager.

Seeking a purpose in life, Boyer traveled to post-war Rwanda and recruited a group of young boys to form Team Rwanda, taking them on races around the world.

This definitely sounds like a Leonardo DiCaprio project, although it’s not usually the kind of thing we see from Michael Bay — maybe he’s been a secret Cool Runnings obsessive for years. Who knows.