Every day is 'A Good Day To Die Hard' if you're John McClane, and this latest 'Die Hard 5' clip shows us how father and son deal with some scumbags.

In the fifth -- yes, fifth! -- outing of the 'Die Hard' franchise, John McClane (Bruce Willis, as always) must travel to Russia to help his wayward son (Jai Courtney). But when he gets to Russia, he discovers his son is actually a CIA operative, and the two must team up to take down a bunch of terrorists -- just the usual day in the life of John McClane, right?

Fox has released a new 'Die Hard 5' clip via Moviefone, featuring Willis and Courtney as they prepare to get up on a warehouse full of bad dudes. They share a little back-and-forth exchange with some father/son one-liners, so if you were worried that this movie is all explosions and big guns, don't worry -- clearly someone actually wrote this thing. The film also stars Cole Hauser and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the latter returning to the franchise as McClane's daughter.

Check out the latest 'Die Hard 5' clip below, and get ready to 'Die Hard' all over again when 'A Good Day to Die Hard' hits theaters on February 14.

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