We don't want to pre-judge or make hasty assumptions, but the new trailer for 'Disconnect' makes the movie look like, for better or worse, 'Crash' for the internet. While that Oscar-winning film took a group of seemingly disconnected stories dealing with race and wove them into a larger whole, 'Disconnect' seems to tell a variety of stories dealing with people whose lives are turned upside down by problems that stem from the online world.

The feature debut of Oscar-nominated documentary director Henry Alex Rubin (whose 'Murderball' is a pretty terrific film), 'Disconnect' looks like it could be a powerful experience or a shallow exercise in talking down to the audience. You never can tell with this kind of "hyperlink" movie, which leaps from story to story, often working toward an effective whole but just as often replacing actual substance with volume.

If anything, 'Disconnect' boasts an impressive and eclectic ensemble, including Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgard and Paula Patton. The trailer floats between comedy, thriller, romance and drama at the drop of a hat, so it looks like this cast had their work cut out for them! Here's the official synopsis:

A hard-working lawyer, attached to his cell phone, can't find the time to communicate with his family. A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online. A widowed ex-cop struggles to raise a mischievous son who cyber-bullies a classmate. An ambitious journalist sees a career-making story in a teen that performs on an adult-only site. They are strangers, neighbors and colleagues and their stories collide in this riveting dramatic thriller about ordinary people struggling to connect in today's wired world.

'Disconnect' opens on April 12, and you can watch the trailer below. Give us your thoughts on the film in the comments.