Bethesda and Arkane haven't made mention of a Game of the Year version of 2012's stealth hit, Dishonored, but one might be in the works according to the Australian ratings board.

The classification (spotted by VG247) popped up earlier this week, but offered little details beyond an age rating of MA+15. There have been two add-ons (Knife of Dunwall, Dunwall City Trials) released in the past year for Dishonored, with a third (Brigmore Witches) due out next week. A complete edition of Arkane's popular new franchise would make sense, and could introduce a new batch of players who missed out on the adventure to the experience.

GOTY editions have become a staple for many franchises, and provide many gamers taking a wait-and-see approach with some nice benefits. Perhaps we'll learn more about this supposed Dishonored GOTY in the coming weeks. Will you check it out if it does indeed become a reality?