Even though Disney Infinity hasn't even been out for a full month, the second series of playsets, figures and power discs have already been given a release date.

Disney is planning on a big holiday push for Disney Infinity, as it's planning on releasing another wave of additional accessories for the game in November. According to Gamestop, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving will see two new playsets and the second series of Power Discs hit stores.

On Nov. 26, Toy Story, featuring Jesse and Buzz Lightyear, will be joined by Frozen, featuring Anna and Elsa, bumping the list of playable worlds up to seven before the end of the year. The second series of Power Discs, which are offered in blind bags, will also arrive that same day, bringing another batch of secondary powers and creation tools to the game.

Additionally, a stand-alone figure for Jack Skellington will be available on Oct. 1 at Gamestop. He won't come with a playset, and will thus only be usable in the Toy Box mode. If you were wondering where the Woody figure was, he will only be available as a stand-alone figure at Walmart on Oct. 1. Of course, Woody will be compatible with the Toy Story playset when it arrives in November.

By the time all these figures have arrived, there will be more than twenty different available figures for Disney Infinity. That's not including the announced, but not dated, Rapunzel and Vanelope von Schweetz figures, or the Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Mouse. If you happen to be a Disney addict, it's looking like this year is going to be a bad one for your wallet.

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