After waiting a few months, the first new playset for Disney Infinity arrives next week, and some of our favorite Pixar characters are about to join the fray.

Toy Story in Space is just the first of many new add-ons coming to Disney Infinity this year. Included will be figures for Jessie and Buzz Lightyear (a Woody is sold separately, but will also be available), as well as a token for the game content. In this adventure, Buzz and Jessie head into space to battle Zurg, and save the little green men and the galaxy from his nefarious plans.

With this release, Infinity actually comes full circle, as the concept for this action figure-based game sprung from the Toy Box mode of the last Toy Story video game. You can see in the trailer above there'll be plenty of new content to unlock for your Toy Box, and there are appearances from new characters set to have figures drop later this year, too. Provided you have Disney Infinity and the portal, you can enjoy Toy Story in Space starting on Oct. 22 on all platforms.

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