In the latest developer diary for Disney Infinity, the team behind the game reveals a bit about the work that went into bringing the Mouse House's modern classics to life in the game.

Unlike the Toy Box mode, which allows you free reign to do whatever you want, Disney Infinity's play sets are all themed around specific properties. Part of the challenge of bringing worlds based on 'Monsters University' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' to life was emulating the best parts of those films in a game. In the footage above, you can see how Avalanche Studios worked with Disney's directors and artists to craft new, but familiar, experiences.

In addition to the films above, play sets for 'Cars,' 'The Lone Ranger' and 'The Incredibles' will arrive on Aug. 18 alongside the main game. There will be no shortage of properties to draw from in the future, but we're excited to see what Disney Infinity has to offer later this summer.