The year is 2042. The Trump bloodline is still strong. All TV shows are created by Ryan Murphy. The only movies are Disney live-action remakes.

Disney is continuing their path toward total cinematic domination with a live-action redo of Pinocchio, and the studio is in talks with Paddington 2 director Paul King to take the reigns of the project — one of many (many, many, so many) live-action remakes currently in development at the ol’ House of Mouse.

Pinocchio has actually been in the works for some time, with Skyfall director Sam Mendes previously attached to helm the classic tale of a lonely woodcarver who makes a little puppet boy to be his son. The eponymous wooden child comes to life with the help of a fairy godmother, and with the assistance of a talking cricket, he learns what it means to have a conscience and become a real boy.

Per Variety, Paul King is in negotiations to take over the project, with Wonder’s Jack Thorne currently rewriting the screenplay. King directed both Paddington and Paddington 2, the critically-acclaimed and insanely charming box-office hits based on the beloved children’s books. According to another recent report, King is also in talks to direct a Willy Wonka origin movie for Warner Bros. — it’s unclear if he’ll be able to direct both.

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