'Django Unchained' hasn't even hit theaters yet (that comes on December 25) but writer/director Quentin Tarantino is already talking about the potential of an extended cut of the film. It's strange to think a 165-minute movie would get an extended cut but it looks like it might happen.

About three weeks ago, we reported that Tarantino was making last-minute changes to 'Django Unchained' to cut down the running time from three hours and 12 minutes. But before he made those cuts, Tarantino had another option.

The Playlist reports that Tarantino says he was approached by The Weinstein Co. head Harvey Weinstein about splitting 'Django Unchained' into two films, a la 'Kill Bill' but the director says he wasn't into the idea. "No, it won't work here," he told Weinstein. But Tarantino does have a plan that would allow the public to see some of the cut footage: a new, extended cut of the film.

When talking about what he cut out of the film, Tarantino said:

I could do what Kevin Costner did with the expanded edition of 'Dances with Wolves,' and I could very well do that.

(Interesting to note that Costner was originally set to star in 'Django' before backing out over some concerns with the film's subject matter.)

If you're wondering whether you should wait to see the 'Django Unchained' Extended Cut before you see the version that hits theaters next week, you shouldn't hold your breath. Because the extended cut would "change the story," Tarantino says he wants this cut of the film "to be the story for a while." (If we're using 'Dances With Wolves' as a frame of reference, the "extended cut" hit theaters one year later.)

What do you think? With some of the 'Django Unchained' reviews (including ours) saying that the film is already overlong, will another 40 minutes help or hurt the film?