Quentin Tarantino films are often noted for their spectacular soundtracks but up until now, has never had an original song in one of his movies. That looks to change with 'Django Unchained' which looks to have a soundtrack filled with a number of popular hip-hop and R&B artists. So who's in?

While nothing has been confirmed - Republic Records has not yet released an official track listing - we know that Frank Ocean, Rick Ross and John Legend have all written songs for the film.

Jamie Foxx invited Ross to the 'Django' set and personally introduced him to Tarantino. "I said, 'Rick, you should come by the set because I know Quentin doesn’t do original stuff, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to come and just feel it because Django is hip hop.'" 'Django' is hip-hop. We hadn't really considered that before but, you know what? He's right.

Foxx even contributed a line or two to Ross' joint, giving the rapper this rhyme: "I need 100 black coffins for 100 bad men / dig 100 black graves so I can lay they ass in."

As for Ocean, the artist spoke to GQ and confirmed he wrote a track for 'Django' earlier this year. Foxx also told Cinema Blend that John Legend contributing a song as well and even sent Tarantino the track on cassette (because the director hates CDs and mp3s).

The 'Django Unchained' soundtrack hits stores on December 18th and looks to be quite the departure for a Tarantino film.