We've got a little while to wait until we can all bask in Quentin Tarantino's latest ode to badass cinema, 'Django Unchained', but today you can get closer to the film by listening to the entire soundtrack. And you can do that right here...for free!

We all know Tarantino as the biggest film geek in the world -- the man is never shy about sharing his knowledge of movies and peppering his own work with tips of the hat to the cinema he loves -- but what he may not get as much respect for is the way he utilizes music, often casting an incredibly wide net to find the right sounds and themes for his flicks.

With the 'Django Unchained' soundtrack, Tarantino borrows from a variety of sources. As expected, there's a helping from the great Spaghetti Western composers (Ennio Morricone, Riz Ortolani and original 'Django' composer Luis Bacalov), but then QT goes off the chain with disparate tracks from Rick Ross, James Brown & 2Pac, Jerry Goldsmith and Italian pop singer Elisa.

There are samples of Tarantino's typically funky dialogue to enjoy as well, so take it all in via the little box below. 'Django Unchained' is loose on the world starting December 25th.

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