New trophies for Aliens: Colonial Marines have popped up hinting that new downloadable content will be coming soon.

An as-yet-unseen add-on called Stasis Interrupted has popped up on PS3 Trophies, which could mean Gearbox (or any of the plethora of other devs who helped create Colonial Marines) is planning on dropping new story content very soon. There haven't been many hints about new content for Colonial Marines since the game arrived earlier this year to less-than-favorable reviews, so a batch of missions this late in the game is certainly surprising.

The trophies allude to story that takes place at least in part on the Sulaco. There's allusions to battling the xenomorph queen, and ensuring samples in the ship's lab are destroyed. The DLC's title could be hinting at Hicks, Ripley and Newt, who are all in stasis on the Sulaco following the end of 'Aliens' just before 'Alien 3' begins. More details are likely to come soon, but for now, those of you who held onto your copies of the game should be happy to learn more missions are potentially coming.