The key to Marvel's success has always been its knack for casting interesting and charismatic actors as its heroes and villains. We expect nothing less than terrific actors to fill out the cast of the upcoming 'Doctor Strange', so it's not surprising that the production is apparently looking to add Edgar Ramirez in some capacity. In fact, it's delightful news -- Ramirez is a tremendous actor who'd knock any superhero (or supervillain) role out of the park.

The scoop comes via IGN, who chatted with the actor about his work in the upcoming 'Deliver Us From Evil,' which was directed by 'Doctor Strange' director-to-be Scott Derrickson. When asked if he'd been approached about leaping into the Marvel cinematic universe, Ramirez simply responded with, "We're talking. We've been talking."

The big question now (besides whether or not Ramirez will actually be in the film at all) is whether or not Ramirez is being considered for the Sorcerer Supreme himself or one of his villains. IGN speculates that he could be up for the role of the evil Baron Mordo, which sounds all well and good, but we think he'd make a fantastic Stephen Strange. In addition to simply being a force of nature on screen, he'd stand out in a huge way from the rest of the (mostly) lily white 'Avengers' ensemble.

Of course, the last time Ramirez was offered a role in a major geek movie, he turned down the part. We're referring to the role of Khan in 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' which ultimately went to Benedict Cumberbatch. Does that imply that he's less likely to sign onto a big franchise like this? Or does it mean he simply read that screenplay and decided to do the right thing and run away as fast as he could?

This is all speculation at this point. It wouldn't surprise us if Derrickson fought for Ramirez to be in 'Doctor Strange' since they've worked together before, but this is a casting decision that will ultimately be decided by Marvel. But, if they know what's good for them, they won't turn down a chance to get an actor this good added to the MCU.