When Roberto Orci exited the third Star Trek movie, star Simon Pegg stepped up to co-write the screenplay for director Justin Lin, working with veteran TV writer Doug Jung. It seems that Jung’s work on Star Trek Beyond has impressed the folks at Paramount and Bad Robot, as the studios have tapped him to rewrite the screenplay for a new, original sci-fi project titled God Particle.

The Wrap reports that Jung has been tapped to rewrite God Particle based on an original draft by Oren Uziel (Freaks of Nature, 22 Jump Street). Jung has mostly worked in television, writing episodes of Dark Blue, Big Love and Banshee, and is also credited with writing the 2003 thriller Confidence, starring Ed Burns and Rachel Weisz. Jung was hired on Star Trek Beyond after impressing Bad Robot and Paramount with his screenplay for a project titled Diamond.

God Particle centers on the crew of an American space station, who believe they’ve unwittingly destroyed Earth after activating a Hadron accelerator. Adrift and seemingly isolated in space, they encounter a foreign crew who wish to come aboard, but allowing them to do so proves quite dangerous.

The project has been in the works for at least a few years, with Nigerian-born director Julius Onah set to helm the modestly-budgeted sci-fi film. Onah has directed several short films since 2004, and recently made his feature debut on The Girl Is Trouble.