Many 'Downton Abbey' fans remain up in arms over the recently concluded third season, which saw not one but two major characters heading up to the big Abbey in the sky, but the upcoming fourth season may feature the most upheaval yet. As the series prepares to go before cameras a fourth time, picking up some months after the events of the recent season finale, we've learned that the notoriously stuffy period piece will introduce a black character, as well as a new love interest for one of its widowed leading ladies. Get the latest on 'Downton Abbey' season 4 inside!

'Downton Abbey' spoilers from here on out, ye be warned, but it seems the Masterpiece series is already courting some fresh scandal for the upcoming fourth season. According to The Sun, 'Downton Abbey' season 4 will include a major black character named Jack Ross, described as being between the ages of 25-30 and a singer at an exclusive club. The casting note says the actor should be able to sing and posses a "certain wow factor."

Newly minted series regular Lily James (Rose) claimed her character would bring a bit of modernity to Downton, saying to Radio Times "it's nice to bring the outside world into Downton. The London world is quite exciting -- it gives it a social context. Downton's in a bubble with their morals and the world they uphold, so it's nice to see the more rebellious London world [as well]."

Elsewhere, the acclaimed series is expected to move forward casting Lord Anthony Gillingham, billed as a new love interest for Mary six months after the tragic death of Matthew Crawley in the season 3 finale. The new season will pick up about six months after the funeral, rather than say additional goodbyes to the character.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to see major changes coming to 'Downton Abbey' season 4? Who would you like to see join the series?